Home Automation in general

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation refers to the use of smart devices deployed throughout your house to enable your home appliances to work remotely or automatically. For example, you can install smart devices for your window and air-con which will enable your air-con to turn off automatically when you open your window. You can find another example of home automation in this video.

Can home automation render a return on investment through savings in electricity bills?

Home automation is one of the most effective way of managing the usage of electrical appliances at home such as lights and high power electrical appliances such as the water heater and air conditioning unit. For example, the water heater can be triggered by a heavy duty smart switch to turn on and off for a maximum predefined interval to suit the needs of the user and to save power, hence eliminating the scenario whereby the user forgets to switch off the water heater for an extended duration which consumes a large amount of power. Furthermore, master on/off scenes can be programmed to trigger all automated electrical appliances (i.e. lights, power sockets, water heater, air conditioning unites) to turn off when the user has left home. This triggering can be achieved through a pre-defined schedule, GPS tracking of the user leaving home, sensors and through manual scene activation by the user. All of these solutions are geared towards power savings and serve to enable the user to have better control over his/her power utilization within the house.

I am interested to automate my house, but I am not very sure of the different options available. What should I do?

If you need some ideas on how to automate your house, you may visit our “Showcase” to review past automation projects by eVida. For a better understanding on how some selected Z-Wave devices operate, visit our YouTube channel to watch their respective product videos.

I am not a very technologically savvy person. Will the system be difficult for me to learn?

We understand your anxiety and concerns in adopting an automation system for your home/office. For your benefit, eVida will provide a training session to explain the general operation of the automation system as part of our project commissioning process to ensure that all your technical enquiries are answered and that you have a thorough understanding on how to operate the system from the mobile app. 

How to get started?

How can I estimate the budget for automating my house?

To give you a quick idea on how affordable it is to adopt an eVida Smarthome solution, you can visit “Products” to select your desired smart devices and add them to quote. Once you are done with your selection, you may click on “My Quote List“, fill in your name and email address and a quotation will be sent to your designated email address within a minute.

Do I have any warranty? What should I do if any device fails?

We provide either a 1-year or 2-year hardware warranty for every device. If any device malfunctions within its warranty period you can schedule an appointment to do a 1 to 1 exchange at our office at Home-Fix Building, 19 Tai Seng Avenue, #05-12, Singapore 534054.  For projects which eVida Smarthome has executed the installation or software configuration, there will be a free 2 months on-site warranty whereby a technician will head down to your location to resolve the issue on-site.

Still have questions unanswered? Drop us an email at hello@evida.com.sg and we will get back to you as fast as possible.