The name ‘eVida’ comprises of an ‘e’ and a ‘Vida’. ‘e’ refers to automation (e.g. email, e-commerce etc), while “Vida” means ‘life’ in Spanish. Hence, the name “eVida” depicts a smooth fusion between technology and life which we seek to deliver as part of our Smarthome solutions. 

What exactly do we provide?  Like a technology architect, eVida designs personalized smart home solutions through the conscientious deployment of smart controllers, sensors and actuators, coupled with customised smart logic programming to provide the home owner with unrivalled convenience and protection. 

In addition, we develop and build unique patient care solutions for healthcare applications. These two specializations lead to the formation of eVida Smarthome and eVida Healthcare.

eVida SmartHomeLiving in a home which intelligently accommodates to your daily needs is no longer fictional, nor a luxurious lifestyle only limited to the rich. eVida provides experienced system integration services on the deployment of Z-Wave home automation and affiliated devices and peripherals.

Unlike systems such as Lutron and Legrand Automation, Z-Wave home automation comprises of many modular smart devices (developed by over 250 Z-Wave manufacturers worldwide) that communicate wirelessly for a well-coordinated control. The competition amongst the 250 Z-Wave manufacturers lowers the price of the individual devices and also presents the end user with many options of devices to choose from, differing in both functionality and aesthetic design, as depicted on our “PRODUCTS” page.

eVida has taken the conscientious effort to test and commission each individual Z-Wave device which we offer on our website to be functional in the context of Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, we are also the authorized distributor of these Z-Wave products and we have the manufacturer’s support for them.

Based on your requirements and home/office infrastructure, we will customise and install the most optimized and value for money Smarthome solution. We will streamline the installation process to be simple and hassle-free as we coordinate with electricians for the installation and integrate our Z-Wave home automation system into your home network.

Want to see us in action? Visit “Showcase” to view our past automation projects.

What is Z-Wave Protocol?

Z-Wave is a non-proprietary wireless communications protocol designed for home automation, specifically for remote control applications in residential and light commercial environments. The technology uses a low-power RF radio embedded or retrofitted into electronic devices and systems, such as lightingaccess controls, entertainment systems and household appliances. As of 2014, there are more than 1100 Z-Wave products from different manufacturers globally, most of them compatible with each other regardless of brand. As a consumer, you would be expecting new and innovative Z-Wave gadgets every now and then, offered to you at a competitive and reasonable pricing. 

eVida healthcareIn eVida Healthcare, our team of dedicated engineers focus on crafting and developing niche patient care solutions. On 10 Oct 2014, eVida launched the first generation of eBOS (Bed Occupancy Sensor) with 2 main modes, Fall Prevention and Bedsore Prevention. eBOS Gen 1 serves to deterministically alert nurses and caregivers when fall-precaution patients are attempting to leave the bed (Fall Prevention Mode) and also promptly notify nurses or caregivers of the when to change the lying posture (and indicate the subsequent orientation thereof) of bedsore prone patients on the bed to prevent the development of bedsores (Bedsore Prevention Mode).

This home-grown innovation will be immensely beneficial for nurses, caregivers and patients everywhere. It will increase manpower efficiency of the hospitals and nursing homes, reduce the workload of nurses/caregivers to enable them to focus more time on attentive care and also quicken the response time of attentive care to the patients.  The device is versatile in deployment for different types of beds and mattresses and has acquired validation from local hospitals and nursing homes. With the option to fold and secure the 4 segment eBOS mat, it can be conveniently and safely tucked away. The eBOS mat is deployed under the mattress, well out of sight from the patient, with no practical effects on the comfort of the bed. It is also water resistant (compliant to AATCC Test Method 35) and can be easily wiped down with cleaning agents to remain sterile and hygienic for use. Currently, eBOS is under-going a product trial at the local medial institutions. 

Eventually, eVida will do more than simply provide healthcare products – we will provide medical insights. Through the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, devices such as eBOS may be linked to a universal gateway to collect extensive data for analysis. These analysis results will derive trends across borders and demographics to contribute to the medical discoveries of tomorrow.